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What is a Sponsor?

Sponsors donate a set amount that goes into our Shop Harney fund. This money can be applied to offset the E-Download Fee (how Yiftee makes its money) or used to create promotions like BOGO's or Buy a $25 card, get $5 more! 

Why should my organization donate?

Each donation is tax deductible through Yiftee. This is a great way to keep our local dollars right in the place it should be- here in Harney County. Email us below with any questions. 

Where is my money going?

Each donation goes into a fund specifically made for the Shop Harney E-Gift Card. This money can be used throughout the year to create engaging and new promotions. These donations keep the program going  and we appreciate all who are helping Shop Harney be a success! 

Want to become a Sponsor? Email us below 

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