About Shop Harney

Who are we and why do we want to keep dollars local?

Rural Businesses Need Rural Support

Shop Harney is a collaborative effort between The Foundry Collective, SBDC Oregon, BizHarney Opportunity Collaborative, Harney County's Chamber of Commerce, and Sage Designworks. We realized the need for a local support for our businesses during these always changing times. Our e-gift card program can be used throughout Harney County at many vendors you already shop with, a full map can be viewed and cards can be purchased here.

As of December 2022, the program has kept over $153,000 dollars in Harney County. See all of the metrics for how Shop Harney has benefited the area as well as testimonies from current Merchants here.

Look for the stickers below at participating merchants! Check back regularly, we will be adding some Shop Harney merchandise as well as updating out sponsor lists. Thanks for supporting our local rural business!

-The Shop Harney Team

Here is our awesome team

Brad Attig

Foundry collective & Reinventing Rural

Co.Starters Core Facilitator

Brad Attig

In 2018 Brad Attig launched Foundry Collective, a nonprofit focused on helping accelerate innovation in rural communities. Foundry Collective helps rural communities create strong entrepreneurial ecosystems which support small businesses.

He recently helped launch Reinventing Rural, an online community focused on connecting rural innovators to the resources they need to succeed.

Ali Hoke

Reinventing rural event coordinator

Growing up in Harney County, Alicyn Hoke, was very passionate about art and her work ethic. She is currently attending Grand Canyon University for Graphic Design and Advertising in Phoenix, AZ. Works part-time as the Reinventing Rural Event Coordinator, designing and promoting graphics to support rural entrepreneurs. She loves hiking, running, trying new things, and learning.

Brenda Smith

High Desert Partnership & BizHarney Opportunity Collaborative

Brenda Smith

Brenda Smith is the Executive Director of High Desert Partnership, a Harney County nonprofit helping people work together and find common ground.

High Desert Partnership convenes and supports six collaborative efforts including BizHarney Opportunity Collaborative. BizHarney exists to help rural Harney County businesses start, grow and succeed while also helping to build a thriving business environment.


Andrea Latham

SBDC Oregon

Reinventing Rural Ambassador

Co.Starters Core Facilitator

Andrea Letham

Andrea Letham began working for the TVCC Small Business Development Center in February 2020. She is passionate about small businesses, rural communities and free enterprise. She loves supporting, learning & networking to help businesses be their best!

Andrea and her husband Kirby have three children. and lived in rural Oregon for 21 years. Andrea enjoys gardening, spending time with her family and small town living.

Tory Schmidt

Sage designworks

spark collaborative studios

Reinventing Rural Ambassador

Co.Starters Core Facilitator

Raised in Harney County, Tory has always had a passion for her rural community, art, and had a flair for creative problem solving. With her husband and two business partners, they have created a brick and mortar collaborative retail space in the heart of Burns, Oregon, Spark Collaborative Studios. Tory also owns a graphic design business Sage DesignWorks.

Small business networking, rural resource development, and connecting artisans to a supportive community is what drives her work everyday.